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Onyeabor Logo ’Black’ Sweatshirt (Medium)

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Stay warm n' cosy with the latest sweatshirts from Looka Pop! Originally made in U.S.A. and worn by someone you don't know ("vintage"), the shirts are hand printed at our New York City sweatshop (aka office) and come in a variety of sizes and colors - complete with mysterious stains and smells!
Because of each shirt's unique heritage, their fits and colors vary slightly from each other (they’re unique!). So if you see your best friend at school wearing one shirt and think that you’d like to get one just like that. Well, then that’s just not possible… sorry!

Description? Thick and sturdy black sweatshirt.
Size: Medium
Softness? Soft and sturdy! 
Old Stains? No stains but tiny hole above the logo, probably got caught from the previous owner climbing over a chain link fence.
New Stains? Nope! (sometimes we have accidents while printing, and a shirt gets a paint stain in the process) 
Quality of Printing? Nice! A bit of cracking and texture  
Overall Rating? 8/10
Code: OSBKM1


Luaka Bop was founded by David Byrne in 1989. Most of the one-of-a-kind tees and sweatshirts you will see here are hand made at our office in New York City.

Stay tuned as we continue to make new items :)